Working with Data Binding Android

In I/O 2015 Google announced a data binding library for Android. With data binding, you create an ongoing link between an element in the user interface and a value. Data binding is the process that establishes a connection between the application UI and business logic.

As a developer we always try to do tasks with lesser code, findViewById and setText would be the things which will increase line of codes. Data binding eliminates needs of these methods.

DataBinding is a support library so you can use it with the version higher than Android 2.1. Now we will see step by step instruction for how to use DataBinding in real time.
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Android N UI Leak Reveals Redesigned Notification

The screenshot initially spotted by Android Police has risen up out of Google’s Android designer site making it exceptionally genuine than a hole. The screenshot reveals some UI part of Android N like Notification and setting pannel.

Starting off with the notification toggles, there will be a new paged interface while also making the customization process of the toggles easier for the user.

Android N

Source : Android Police

There is new look of Notifications also. That data is accessible in the present notice UI, yet you need to long-press to see it.

Android N

Source : Android Police

These mockups are apparently in view of ahead of schedule Android N screenshots and could differ when the engineer reviews are accessible for all to download.

If you have noticed google has posted video about Run Forrest Run! last week to show off Google Maps’ capabilities, you can clearly see that app drawer icon have been removed from Home Screen.

Android N

AutoCompleteTextView in Android

AutoCompleteTextView is an editable text view that shows completion suggestions. It provides suggestions automatically when the user is typing. Suggestion will be shown in dropdown from where user can select any item and replace the content of editbox.

User can dismiss dropdown by pressing back button or by selecting any item from the list. Suggestions will be based on the value given in adapter. Continue Reading

Push Notifications using GCM in Android Studio

According to Google’s documentations “Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) is a free service that enables developers to send messages between servers and client apps. This includes downstream messages from servers to client apps, and upstream messages from client apps to servers”. The GCM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to the target Android application running on the target device.

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Google released the developer preview of its next version, called as Android M, on last year’s I/O conference. While Google current Android version Lollipop was aimed at visual aesthetics, Android M on the other hand, will mainly focus on optimization and enhanced battery life. So, for those who would like to know about the major differences between both the Android versions, this post will provide useful insight on what’s new in Android M vs Android 5.1 Lollipop. But, before heading straight towards the differences, let us first have a brief introduction on both of these Android versions.

A Look at: Android M and Android L

Android mobile phone Lollipop was unveiled over the Yahoo and google I/O discussion – used upon August 25, 2014 – and also was basically called because Android mobile phone 5. 0 “Lollipop” upon April 15, 2014. Android mobile phone M, was perhaps the key high light of Google’s once-a-year developer’s discussion. It was an entire graphic modernize which Android mobile phone received seen since Glaciers Product Plastic (Android model update). In truth, renovate of the interface based on a design dialect, known as because “Material Design”, was reported to be essentially the most prominent modifications from the Android mobile phone Lollipop. Continue Reading