Make Your Github Profile Dynamic

Yes, You read it right. You don’t have to do anything and your profile will be updated with dynamic contents.

Let me first give you an overview of Github hidden repository. Earlier we used to create github pages to create own portfolio but recently github has revealed a secret where you can create a repo of your username and it will be shown as home page whenever someone visits your profile.

Bit complicated? Look at the below image

Github profile dynamic

If you remember, there was just a section of pinned repo and contributions, but now with this change people can see your portfolio as well.

For every github user, there is hidden repo, you just have to create a repository and name it same as your github username. That’s it, there you have your own portfolio repo. Now add as many content you want in file and it will be shown to home page of your github profile.

What kind of things you can include?

  • You can include your own words which describe yourself.
  • Social media profiles.
  • Blogposts.
  • Youtube videos.
  • Projects you have worked.
  • Contributions you are doing on various platform.
  • Applications/websites that you have built.

If you are confused on what to include in readme file, here are some repos which has list of various readme files.

  1. awesome-github-profile-readme
  2. awesome-readme
  3. Awesome-Profile-README-templates


But now problem arise, imagine you are writing blogs on daily or weekly basis, or posting videos on youtube or other platform. Will you be able to update readme file on regular basis? Will you be able to keep it updated whenever you post blog/article/video?

Well, you can, but it’s bit difficult and you have to keep this in your bucket list whenever you post something.

Here comes the actual thing that I want to share.

What if we will make our github profile dynamic?

What if it will just read your blog feed or video feed and update readme file on regular basis by its own? Yes, we can do it by writing few piece of code.

Before going through further I will assume you are having basic knowledge of Github Action and Node.js, because this is what we are going to use further.

Let’s do some code now

First step will be to create .yml file in your repository inside .github/workflow

For this tutorial, I will name it as instagram-post-workflow.yml

This is basically a cron job, which will run at 1PM UTC time. You can look into document for more detail about how you can set different schedule time

Once you are done with .yml file creation, you need to create package.json file and index.js on root of your repository.



You will also need exec.js file,

This is not must need file, you can have this logic inside index.js also. This is for safe side we are creating separate file and validating commands.

Once you have above code, you are almost done with the things. Only part that needs to be done now is, adding tag in file. If you have observed index.js file, you might have seen we are looking for some tags in readme file to add content inside it.

Just add below tag in file

and you are done, all dynamic instagram feed will be added within this tag.

Github profile dynamic

For detail code, you can look into my github repo Ravi Rupareliya

Reference links:

Do share your readme file in comment section, let’s see how creative you are and what have you done with readme file to portrait your profile.

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